Multimedia Categories : Linear and Non Linear Multimedia

Multimedia can be divided into two forms :

  • Linear multi-media and
  • Non-linear multi-media.

What is Linear Multimedia?

In linear multi-media, information is read or viewed in a continuous sequence. Usually, these presentations begin at a predetermined starting point and end at a predetermined end point.

In this type of media, We do not have to interact with the Media file in playing mode. Means It will be automatically present the visuals after a fixed time Interval.


PowerPoint presentation is one of the most common examples of linear multi-media. Some Other Example are: Cinema, Movies, TV Shows etc.

What is Non Linear Multimedia?

Non-linear multi-media information is not presented in sequential or chronological manner.

Non linear multimedia programs are usually interactive and require user interaction.

Example of Non Linear Multimedia are:

#Gaming, #WebSites, #Hypermedia etc.

We have also explained the graphs in the previous video!

——————Content of the Video———————

00:00 – Start 00:25 – Intro

00:45 – Linear Multi media

01:00 – Example of Linear Multi media

01:55 – Non Linear Multi media

02:30 – Example of Non Linear Multi media

03:00 – Interactive and Non Interactive Multi media

03:50 – Graphs of Linear and Non Linear

05:00 – Other Example

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Interactive Media can be Non Linear Multi media and Non Interactive Multi media will be Linear Multi media.

Linear Multi media = Non Interactive Media

Non Linear Multi media = Interactive Media

Categories of Multimedia in Hindi

Multi-media? As far as I’m concerned, it’s reading with the radio on!

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